24 hour locksmith

tel : 97 744 121

lock opening


24 hour locksmith

tel : 97 744 121

lock opening


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Pick-a-lock Cyprus  – your 24/7 locksmith.

A UK trained locksmith using the latest equipment and techniques in opening domestic locks, coded safes and padlocks.

Work can usually be carried out without damage to existing locks. Should a lock need to be damaged to open, I keep a stock of various quality locks, to make an immediate replacement to secure your property.

Cypriot Police Checked, and UK Criminal Records Bureau checked with documents available.

Covering the whole Paphos region with a response time of 30 – 60 minutes, depending on location. For a list of locations click here. 

I offer free security advice and no-obligation surveys and can advise you how to protect your premises, and we can improve the security of your home with simple, inexpensive and hassle free upgrades including:


All can be supplied on a DIY basis, if required.

Contact Dave for lock outs, queries and advice on: 97 744 121 anytime.


With the extensive knowledge and experience we have to offer, we're sure that we will be able to help you.


24/7 CALL OUT Door locks Window locks Padlocks Domestic Safes Boarding up service


We can open door locks, padlocks, safes .... every lock!


We supply and install Yale Locks, Dead Locks, Snap Safe locks, Window and Patio locks


Call us for a free evaluation of your property's security.


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Top Tip of the week 😀I do not recommend using oil based lubricants, such as WD40, engine oil, olive oil etc for use with any type of cylinder lock due to their tendency to attract dirt and small particles, which eventually leads to sticking pins and moving components.If you can find it, buy a small bottle of graphite powder, with an easy application nozzle. squirt graphite powder directly onto the key, the key is then inserted into the cylinder and by working it backwards and forwards, allows the graphite to transfer into the cylinder, giving long lasting, smooth lock operation.If you can't find graphite powder, us a soft pencil, and rub the tip over the does exactly the same thing.Doing this every six months (before winter, and summer) prevents a notchy, sticking action. The graphite covers the internal pins of the cylinder with a dry coating, which does not attract dirt or grime.Note: Please clean the key before putting back in pocket or bag...graphite powder is very difficult to remove from clothing !👍 ... See MoreSee Less
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This "Masterpiece" was all that was left of a poor innocent cylinder, after the local "Have a go hero" maintenance man tried to open a door when the last person leaving the building had left the key on the inside.....surprisingly, he didn't get the door open...😳This left me a harder job to do, but the door was opened and the cylinder changed within 45 minutes of the call from the customer..on a Sunday morning too ! ... See MoreSee Less
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📣IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT📣As from 1800hrs (6pm) Friday 3rd June I will be closed until 0900hrs (9am) Wednesday 8th June.I'm having a fews days off to spend time with my family.I apologise for any inconvenience, but I will be back to normal on Wednesday. I WILL NOT BE RESPONDING UNTIL WEDNESDAY. If you would like to book work in for next week, please message, WhatsApp or email me, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.If you have an emergency, please call MSLOCKSMITH 70008585. ... See MoreSee Less
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Sometimes I have customers questioning my prices, for call out fees for lockouts. Please read this post, from a locksmith in the UK, who is trying to help an old lady get a refund for her lockout charges;(Poor old lady locked out by the wind putting the bins out at 8am. Door was just closed on the latch and had a letterbox. Eastern European chap arrived in a car from 40 miles away and attempted to pick the existing cylinder for all of 30 seconds before getting the drill out and drilling the cylinder and telling the old lady that she needed a new cylinder and mechanism. She’s been left with a new cylinder and an overnight lock mechanism for this hefty price. Someone had been looking into these types of invoices so wondered if anyone is able to help her with pursuing a refund of any sort or even taking them to court?) ... See MoreSee Less
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Καλό Πάσχα ... See MoreSee Less
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Thank you to our happy customers!

Extra locks fitted on all windows and patio doors by Paul. Feeling more secure now. Thanks.

Robert Brown

I had various window locks and a new door lock fitted. They were very good at assessing the vulnerabilities, recommending suitable products and most importantly ...why those products were the most suitable in the circumstances. The installation was efficient, supplied the products as requested, was professionally finished, and scrupulously tidied up afterward. All done well within a very reasonable estimate. I would certainly recommend getting an assessment from Pick A Lock, and acting on their advice

Peter Grimes

I recently retired from the position of Chairman Pegeia Neighbourhood Watch after 5 years in the post. Over the last 2 year period I had a lot of contact with Pick a Lock and would not hesitate to recommend him as a committed professional and b) as a security expert.

Keith Allen

Thank you for your very quick response in August when my safe lock broke. Arrived within the hour and all sorted within a few minutes. Came back two days later to install a new, better safe, (were due the next day but due to you being so busy had to postpone it a day, not a problem, busy means you’re good). Gave me some very good advise too and checked our current level of security. Thanks again. Highly recommended

Linda Robertson

Thanks very much for a great service and I will like the Facebook page.

Karen and Pete Allen

This man is a true gent. Helped an old Cypriot lady feel safe once again in her own home. Excellent service and then refused to charge her.

Sandra Vella

Excellent mr man came and changed our lock straight away, thumbs up! ... very reasonable too xx

Pauline Davis

Had problem with one of my locks. Gave Pick a lock a ring and he was here in less than 10 mins and replaced it with a new one. All done and finished in 20 mins from time of my phone call. You cannot get better service than that. Thanks.

Jean Hart

Hi Just wanted to say thanks for the way you did that job so quick for me and in a very professional manner My customer was well pleased, your a star mate

Alan Armstrong

I Would thoroughly recommend this guy. He is very reliable and has excellent prices. Give him a try. You won't regret it.

Marian Thow

Great big thank you to Pick-a-Lock, very professional, clean tidy worker, great response, thank you ..

Jeff Greenwood

Thanks to pick a lock for assisting us after suffering a traumatic break in. He was very sensitive in his approach at a difficult time, gave us clear advice on the best products to secure our villa. We are now feeling much safer, and at what we feel was a very reasonable price. We just wish we had done it earlier, never thought it would happen to us, Thanks again.

Robert Blachwood

I would like to thank Pick a Lock for prompt and efficient service. After getting locked out, he arrived within 25 minutes. Quickly opened the door without damage to either the lock or door. Because of recent burglaries in the area and how easily he gained entry, I asked him to improve my security. He was back the next day with new deadlocks. They were fitted without fuss or mess and. installed at very reasonable cost to myself. Pick a lock is my recommended locksmith to all expats here in Cyprus.

Stuart Bowie

Best service, best locksmith and the most knowledgeable in the Paphos region.

Mike Owen

I live in Peyia, and returned home the other evening to find the power had been switched off at the mains, and there were jemmy marks on the patio doors where someone had tried to swing it off the tracks. The simple pin through the centre of the patio doors that you guys fitted for me held [in fact wasn't even slightly bent], and the would be thief obviously moved on to easier pickings. So I guess they have already paid for themselves, many times over!

Peter Grimes

Pick-a-Lock is fantastic!!! got me out of a crises with guests at our holiday complex, Peyia Pear late at night on a national holiday....when all local locksmiths were shut in the he was available. What amazed me was that he was at the complex in 15mins and resolved the issue in under 10mins leaving our guests with smiles on their faces! Thank you !!!!!!

Christian David-Griffiths

Excellent service left my key indoors ,he came out straight away and managed to open my door to rescue my keys Many thanks

Marisa Bebbington

Most helpful man in town! I had managed to get myself locked IN my house and the door locks were all broken. 20 minutes after calling he was round at my house, locks were being changed along with top advice about other moving in queries! Absolutely recommend.

Bee Ruth

Locked my keys in the back of my van. Yeah I know idiot!! Don't you just know it when it happens lol, But called Pick A Lock fast response and back on the road in 15 minutes thanks

John Smith

Pick a lock came to our rescue after we were burgled recently. Changed our door locks and fitted window locks within two days, even coming over at a weekend. Excellent service.

Paula Smith

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