Additional Security


With an ever increasing rate of burglaries, don't think twice about a low cost investment in your home security ...
It could save you money and heartache should you get targeted by theives.


Most door and window locks we see fitted in Cyprus are cheap / low quality and would take an experienced thief just moments to access your home.


The good news is that fitting high quality locks to your doors and windows is not expensive and will make it very difficult and time consuming for a burgler to try and gain entry.



Pick A Lock are the exclusive dealer in Cyprus for the quality Brisant Tamper proof Euro cylinders,
These replacement cylinders are Pick, Bump, Drill and most importantly Snap Resistant, and offer a massive increase in the security of your locks, at a very reasonable cost.

These cylinders can also be supplied with an internal Thumb turn knob to lock the door from the inside without need for the key, and they can also be re-pinned if you want a “keyed alike” system, where you have multiple doors that you would like to have one key fits all system.

Insurance companies are now requesting that a British Standard 3621, 5 lever deadlock, should be fitted to any suitable final exit doors. These are a great physical and visual deterrent, and when installed along with a London bar, this makes for a very secure door against forced entry.

Call us now on 97 744 121 / 99 990 337 or contact us by email for a no obligation survey, and let us show how easy and cost effective it is to fit quality locks to your doors and windows, and acheive peace of mind.